Ms. Moss's Fourth Grade Math


Welcome to our Fourth Grade Math Class Website! This year we will learn many new and exciting things!


Class Expectations

In Fourth Grade Math we will learn to further our knowledge of adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. We will learn more about fractions and decimals and what it is that they have in common. Together, we will factor, draw lines and angles, name lines and angles, and use number lines among many other important features in Fourth Grade Math!

We will have fun in our Fourth Grade Math Class! We will do that while being obedient and respectable. Here is a list of expectations in Ms. Moss's Fourth Grade Math Class:

  • be kind
  • respect others
  • be responsible
  • be prepared
  • turn in work on time
  • be quiet when necessary
  • be noisy when necessary
  • have fun!



Want some extra practice to better your math skills? Follow the link below:

Fourth Grade Math Worksheets

Math can be fun! Make this a reality by following the link to Fourth Grade Math Games.


This website was last updated November 3, 2017.